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new! limited-edition scent of the month, Get a Room


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stone freshener 2-pack
stone freshener 2-pack
stone freshener 2-pack
stone freshener 2-pack
stone freshener 2-pack
stone freshener 2-pack
stone freshener 2-pack
stone freshener 2-pack

stone freshener 2-pack

Need more than one? This set includes everything you need for two vehicles or use as a booster for larger vehicles.

Meet stone, our brand-new freshener designed to keep your ride fresh. made of an organic stone blend specifically formulated for strong even scent distribution all month long. attach the magnetic back to your drift visor clip and enjoy our longest-lasting freshener yet. looks good, smells good, all good.

The starter kit includes 2 scents and 2 metal visor clips. This pack ships monthly.


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Get a Room

September scent of the month

No that's not the heat on blast, it's just our new September scent of the month, Get a Room, created in collaboration with Confessions of a Rebel. All heat and plenty of skin, the sensual medley of forbidden apple, stripped down woody notes, and rich vanilla give the term "joy ride” a literal meaning.

scent profile: Apple | Cypress | Vanilla | Mandarin | Clary Sage


golden moments after a fresh rain-storm, intimate candlelit dinners, new rituals for self-care.

scent profile: fresh rain | lavender | amber | sage


inspired by moments spent on warm sandy beaches, coconut beverage in hand, getting bathed in that salty sea breeze.

scent profile: coconut | bergamot | cedarwood | sea salt


buzz, buzz. we've finally brewed up a way for you to get your morning fix with our brand new coffee scent.

scent profile: roasted coffee bean | dark chocolate espresso | hint of vanilla


you're cruising down the pch. windows down, tunes up. this one is full of fresh mountain greens, crisp citrus, and good vibes.

scent profile: mountain greens | sugared citrus


a scent as fresh as an early morning sauna session, long loved home projects, or a hike through the cedars. classic and simple, full of earthy wood and juniper.

scent profile: balsam pine | juniper berry


kick back in that leather chair with your favorite read. hints of fresh tobacco leaf, teakwood and musk. this scent is what we call a power move.

scent profile: musk | amber | pepper | teak | cedar


cozy delicious pumpkin. a fan favorite seasonal scent that's anything but basic.

*available for a limited time*

scent profile: sweet pumpkin | warm allspice

attach metal clip to visor so the ledge faces down when closed. open one side of bag until scent dissipates and scent block doesn’t have any visible oil on surface. attach the scent block to the clip, it will magnetically snap in, make sure there is no overhang on either side of the clip.

keep scent sealed in bag and out of the sun until ready for use. replace the scent block at minimum every 30 days. do not use on any other surface than provided metal clip, contact with oils can damage some surfaces.

sustainably sourced wood, fragrance and essential oils

vegan, cruelty-free and pet-friendly with no parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, dea, mineral oil, petroleum, propylene or dichlorobenzene. all of the good, none of the bad.

premium materials.
amazing scents.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1268 reviews
Hanh Nguyen
scent strength: Strong
scent selection: scent of the month
scent of the month: other
Aromatic Stone!

The stone looks pretty good and the scent was very nice (though a bit overwhelming in a small car).

Paul Torres
scent strength: Perfect
scent selection: mill
scent of the month: other
Big impact

A small stone with a big impact of greatness smells of odors

scent strength: Perfect
scent selection: teak
Just right, not too strong. Even consistent scent so far, first month in!

I don’t ever want to get out of my vehicle!

Russell Van Housen
scent strength: Perfect
scent selection: teak

stone freshener

J. Warren
scent strength: Strong
scent selection: cabana

Smells great! Kind of strong.