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new! limited-edition scent of the month, Get a Room


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scent of the month for september

Get a Room

our unique rotating scent of the month option has quickly become a community favorite. we've used our best noses, best ingredients, and best memories to make these seasonal, limited-edition scents. get a new scent, and its own unique story told every month.

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i had been looking at ads for drift for a while and decided to give it a try. i'm so happy i did! i ordered the scent of the month and it was amazing, totally different than any other car air freshener i've ever used.

— jess

absolutely love drift! one of the best parts of the month is getting whatever the scent of the month is. great product for a great price.

— brandon

i absolutely love the smell and i'm glad drift does scent of the month so you won't become nose blind to the scent you bought.

— alexis

Get a Room

No that's not the heat on blast, it's just our September scent of the month, Get a Room, created in collaboration with Confessions of a Rebel. All heat and plenty of skin this sensual medley of forbidden apple, stripped down woody notes and rich vanilla give the term "joy ride" a literal meaning

scent notes: apple tree, cypress, vanilla, mandarin, clary sage

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wood stone metal

take some refills along for the ride

this three-pack of Get a Room car scent, available in the stone freshener will have you ready for anything.

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