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the club for scent lovers.

the club for scent lovers.

our unique rotating scent of the month option has quickly become a community favorite. we've used our best noses, best ingredients, and best memories to make these seasonal, limited-edition scents. get a new scent, and its own unique story told every month.

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the people have spoken

"i had been looking at ads for drift for a while and decided to give it a try. i'm so happy i did! i ordered the scent of the month and it was amazing, totally different than any other car air freshener i've ever used."


"absolutely love drift! one of the best parts of the month is getting whatever the scent of the month is. great product for a great price."


"a few months ago we decided to take off and live in our van. living in a small space with my husband and our dog, it's really important to me that our space smells nice and fresh! i love the wood freshener looks minimal and smells amazing. we have the scent of the month so we're always smelling something new and seasonal."


"i absolutely love the smell and i'm glad drift does scent of the month so you won't become nose blind to the scent you bought."

november 2022

this limited-edition seasonal scent is fresh out of the oven. inspired by the warm, welcoming, mouth watering aroma of delicious sugar baked goods. yep, your car fragrance game just got even sweeter.

scent notes:

fresh baked sweets, oat milk, tonka bean and sandalwood

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