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New! Limited Edition Scent of the Month, Surfrider


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Customize your subscription by choosing a freshener material and scent that suits you best.

We will send you your car freshener along with the starter kit clip on your first order.

Every month recurring you'll get a freshener refill in the scent of your choice delivered to your door with free shipping!

Swap scent, skip, or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Around 30 days

Easy. Peasy. Just log in to your account and swap which scent you would like to be delivered the next month. log in to your account > select my subscriptions > select edit > select the product you want to change the scent on > choose the new scent > update.

Sure thing. you might question your life choices after, but all you have to do is log in to your account to cancel. you should have received an account invitation when you first joined.

Once your order processes it will ship out within 2-3 business days. Your refill order date is determined by your first order date.

Our normal recurring orders do not have tracking. generally we see them arrive within 10 days. of course if you run into any issues please reach out to us to our customer service team at

Log in to your account, select my subscription > select edit > select the address > update info.

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