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about us

drift began as an alternative to all of the tacky air care products on the market. our products are designed to blend in, with amazing scents that stand out. we take pride in our fragrances, keeping them free from the traditional chemicals used in the fragrance industry. we are always phthalate and paraben free. we never skimp on quality of our scents or the products that deliver them. our design ethos is simple but effective. we love our community, those who won’t settle for ordinary, and we want to deliver a best in class experience.

Our core values

give a damn

we take ownership in the work that we do. we make it our own and are accountable for it. when we make a decision, we always choose the best option, not the better one.

create something new

we are constantly working to innovate and improve both our products and ourselves. we work with a scrappy initiative to fight through problems. we believe that outputs are greater than inputs, and we only judge performance on merits.

people not things

our focus is on people. we are the customer and we believe in the golden rule. we are transparent, with trust. we have balance in our work and our lives, always staying humble.

no vanilla

vanilla is great, we just like something more interesting. our products are unique. we don’t take the path well traveled. just like our wood pieces, no two of us are exactly the same and we value that. we are thoughtful in our design and believe that products should be simple, unique, and easy to use.

always be curious

we are curious souls, we’re constantly seeking new ideas. we take smart risks and think big. we look for inspiration in the experiences we have in the world.