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gentscents meet drift

what's the difference between gentscents and drift? 

new name, new look, same great scents, better customer experience, and more products. 

where is gentscents going? 

gentscents will be retired but live in our hearts forever. 

when is it happening?

in the coming weeks, we will be migrating your accounts from to the new but they are not live yet. we will let you know when they are and make sure you have all the information you need.

what will happen to my gentscents account?

your account information and subscription will seamlessly transition to You will need to reset your password for security purposes, but your billing information will stay in place. 

can I keep my same scent? 

of course! all the scents you know and love will be available once the transition is complete. some of the names; however, have been slightly tweaked.

sandalwood is now "santal"

teakwood & Tobacco is now "teak"

orange Spice is now "grove"

cedar is now "mill"

the rest will be keeping their current gentscents names. 

will my product look the same?

we're using the same sleek wood pieces and metal visor clips. we have minimized and moved the new drift logo to the bottom corner to make the branding more subtle and accent the natural beauty of the wood. 

where are multipacks?

Multipacks will be launching shortly.

is the price staying the same? 

Yes. Same subscription price for the entirety of your subscription. 

can I switch to rove without canceling? 

you will be able to swap scents more seamlessly than before, but would need to add a separate rove subscription to your account and cancel the current wood subscription. we will be introducing product swaps soon to make swapping products as easy as swapping scents.

but why though?

for starters, our new platform will be a much better experience for members managing and updating their subscription. most importantly, we wanted to expand into areas beyond the gentscents scope. this gives us the ability to introduce a lot of new products we can't wait to share with our gentscents family that helped get us where we are today.