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*february- iris


scent profile: cedar | sandalwood | leather | cardamom | violet | iris

we know we have some great scents, so we wanted to make it easier for you to switch it up. With our scent of the month option we'll switch out the scent monthly, so you'll never be stuck smelling the same again. we'll email you once a month to announce the next upcoming scent.


#grove scent profile: mountain greens | sugared citrus


#teak scent profile: musk | amber | pepper | teak | cedar


#mill scent profile: balsam pine | juniper berry


*first month comes with metal visor vent clip, months following are wood scent block refills only.

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meet drift(wood)

uprooting the traditional air freshener. we've combined functional design with fresh scents that are always phthalate free. meet drift(wood), natural wood, soaked in essential and fragrance oils. magnetized to fit perfectly on your visor with our metal clip. be different, stay fresh. 

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