rove freshener

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starter kit includes: 1 aluminum metal clip and 1 scent of your choice. refills are $8/month.

flashback to the good old days of saturday morning cartoons and sugar blasted cereal.

toasted grahams |  brown sugar | fresh berries | honey

our unique rotating "scent of the month" option has quickly become a community favorite.  get a new limited-edition scent and its story told every month. bonus: by switching it up, you'll never get sick of a scent again. 


scent profile: mountain greens | sugared citrus


scent profile: musk | amber | pepper | teak |cedar


scent profile: fresh rain | lavender | amber | sage


scent profile: balsam pine | juniper berry

the last car freshener you'll ever need

meet rove

our minimal, sleek, design forward air freshener, created to blend into your dash, with scents that stand out. Made with our essential + fragrance oil blends, get real scents delivered when you need them. simply pick your frequency of delivery and look forward to the best day of the month (or week, it's up to you!) freshness guaranteed, add, swap or cancel anytime.