Why Us


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At drift, we want to make the highest quality products with the highest vibe possible. We believe in all things beautiful and minimal, and think in our perfect world, everything that's important to you should work well and look good.  Here, we curate a feeling, a place that lives within your memories of good times had and good times coming. So, we ask you, wherever you are...drift home. 


From the Founders 

A few years ago, I bought a new car and I started looking for an air freshener that would look great but still have a good scent. I couldn’t find any I liked, and the idea for drift was born. I brought on my co-founder and we got to work, we went through a ton of development, trial and error, to find the right kind of wood and the highest quality scents. At the end, we created what you see today-a classic wood piece, with a great looking metal clip that easily attaches magnetically, a seamless addition to up-level your everyday life. We can't wait to keep on creating products (coming sooner than you think) that bring added aesthetic and function to your everyday. Thanks for joining us on the journey.