rove + 3 scent pack

Choose Your Scent

try the rove and a few refills without a subscription. we've combined functional, minimal design, with fresh scents that are always phthalate free to create a new car air freshener that stands out while blending in.

whether you're on a familiar path, or navigating the road less traveled, rove was created to make your journey more enjoyable.

*includes metal rove vent clip and 3 refills.

*variety pack

And why have one scent when you can have 3? For those who crave variety, or like to try before you commit, this kit is for you. This pack comes with one rove vent clip, and one scent refill each of teak, bloom, and grove.

*3x grove

scent profile: mountain greens | sugared citrus

*3x teak

scent profile: musk | amber | pepper | teak | cedar

*3x bloom

scent profile: sambac | freesia | centifolia rose

*3x scent of the month- cabana
transport to a white sand beach, kicking back sipping a cool coconut beverage while being bathed in salty sea breeze.

coconut | sea salt | bergamot | cedarwood 

the last car freshener you'll ever need

meet rove

our minimal, sleek, design forward air freshener, created to blend into your dash, with scents that stand out. Made with our essential + fragrance oil blends, get real scents delivered when you need them. simply pick your frequency of delivery and look forward to the best day of the month (or week, it's up to you!) freshness guaranteed, add, swap or cancel anytime.