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guide to great scent

trying to make your space smell better?

check out our foolproof guide for choosing your air freshener

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  • strength
  • aesthetic
  • value
  • health

choosing the best smelling air freshener is a subjective process. everyone has their favorite scents. yours might be pine, it might be citrus, it might be floral. Our takes on those scents are teak, grove, and bloom.

even when you find a scent that you love, something that happens often is what we call ‘nose blindness’. over time, if you continually use the same scent, your nose will grow so accustomed to it that you won’t even register the smell any more.

in order to combat nose blindness, we release an exciting new scent every month. each scent is artfully created to be a complement to the month before it.

so what else goes into creating a new scent? as a small business, our scents are often based on our own experiences, whether it is the fresh smell of the utah mountains or an homage to one of our favorite travels.

some noses are more sensitive than others. we know that our scents aren’t going to be the perfect strength for everyone, but by listening to our customers and doing extensive research, we have developed a scent strength that almost everyone enjoys in their car.

because sniffing powers vary, adjustable scent strength was a guiding factor in designing our rove vent clip, which is fully adjustable to release the maximum or minimum amount of scent at once. for those with extra strength sniffers, we suggest a wood two pack (bonus! comes at a discounted price). and don't over stress your scent choice, we've made it easy to swap your scent at anytime if you find that it's too weak or too strong. and finally, the best way to test out scent strengths is by joining our scent of the month club, you'll get a rotating scent every month to really put your senses to the test and discover exactly what your scent style is.

some people prefer to have funny shapes hanging from their rearview mirror, and if you do, we don’t judge you for that. we've all been there, but here you are, looking to up-level to a more modern and sophisticated look.

at drift we believe your car’s air freshener should be a classy and tasteful accessory. our drift wood air freshener is the perfect choice whether you drive a chevy or a tesla, the natural wood looks great on the visor of every truck, sedan, and suv on the road. plus, it's a sustainable, chemical free, way to freshen your ride.

the value an air freshener provides depends on your situation. are you just looking for a quick fix to cover up some food that you left in the car yesterday? a quick trip to your nearest gas station might be your best value.

if you want friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else riding in your car to compliment you on how good it smells for months to come, signing up for the drift scent of the month is tremendous value, and we’ll deliver it straight to your home on your customized schedule with no shipping costs.

because drift scents are made from clean ingredients, you don’t have to worry about breathing in harmful chemicals. we use natural oils and fragrances to create our inspired scents.

did you know that most brands of air fresheners use things like phthalates, paragons, dichlorobenzene, mineral oil, dea, petroleum, formaldehyde, or propylene? we're free of harmful ingredients so you can breathe easy and smell great.

may we suggest....

scent of the month club

now that you're schooled on all things scent, meet our fan favorite option, scent of the month. this on season, rotating option and it's story told every month keeps you from ever getting sick of a great scent again.

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