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Discover the Best Car Freshener: Top Choices for a Refreshing Ride!
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Discover the Best Car Freshener: Top Choices for a Refreshing Ride!

by Roman Zaytsev | 04/09/2024

As evidenced by the raving reviews on the site and everywhere else, the best car freshener is certainly any car freshener made by Drift. This is a bold claim, but we’ve got facts that substantiate it.

# They are safe

These car scents have never and will never contain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, DEA, mineral oil, petroleum, propylene, or dichlorobenzene as you find in most other scent companies. You can take your kids and or your pets on a ride with you and you can be absolutely certain that the car scents won’t have any harmful effects on their health. Why is this important?

Studies suggest that prolonged exposure to car fresheners that contain a cocktail of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, benzene, and phthalates might add a touch of drama to your life, with potential side effects including respiratory issues, allergies, and the chance for an unexpected plot twist with more severe health conditions. And most car scents that you might even consider in contention to take the title of the best car freshener do contain them, so there’s something to think about.

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#They’re practical and stylish

We’re not throwing any shade here, but those dangling car scents do not look cool and they impede your driving by being distracting. Take one look at any of the three materials Drift car fresheners are available in, and you’re sold. The Stone and Wood material can be easily placed on your visor, while the Metal car scents are mounted on the vent and give the appearance of something straight from a sci-fi movie. But they’re more than just a pretty face—they smell even better than they look.

#No vanilla

Warning: Vanilla lovers, please don’t look away. There’s vanilla as a note in Drift’s car scents, so when Drift says they’re not doing vanilla, it means they do not play it safe when it comes to creativity, but they play very safe when it comes to everyone’s health. Drift creates the best car freshener out there by making sure it’s unique, simple, and easy to use.

#They arrive at your doorstep

So, they’re easy to use, they’re safe, sleek, stylish, and they arrive at your doorstep. What kind of magic is that? When you subscribe, you have absolute control over the choice among the wide variety of scents or join the Scent of the Month club to make things even easier. Your products will be automatically delivered once every month or two with real-time delivery updates.

Additionally, you can change your scent choice, your delivery frequency, or cancel your subscription any time you like.



If you choose any Drift car scent, which we concluded is the best car freshener on the market, then you shouldn’t encounter any health risks. Still, you need to follow a couple of health guidelines to ensure complete safety:

Carefully open the package, read the instructions for use, and follow them closely

No matter what material your Drift car freshener is made of, you still need to handle it with care

Drift car air freshener is not intended to be used on the skin, so please keep it away from your skin or eyes. If this happens, wash the area thoroughly and seek medical advice.

Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any, including Drift car air freshener.

Always make sure to keep the Drift car scent out of the reach of children and pets.

Remove the product from your car and stop using it if you notice signs of an allergic reaction.

Have you tried the best car freshener yet? Or do you have any comments on the safety of car fresheners? Leave a comment on our social channels @drift letting us know your thoughts.

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